It’s go time!

So this just happened. And by just, I mean it’s been my main non-employment creative endeavor of 2013.


I’ve been waiting until the cover went live to start my promotional blitz, and also because I want to give equal time to my Foreworld compatriots, most urgently to my good friend Joe Brassey whose own novella releases tomorrow.

It looks a lot like this.


And you can buy it from the same helpful folks at 47North Publishing.

So I’m letting you know all this good stuff, because I want you to buy my book. Frankly, I want you to buy the heck out of my book, and also Joe’s. And for that matter, I want you to buy all the Foreworld Sidequests.

There’s a heck of a lot of good storytelling in these short works. Many years of experience went into crafting the Foreworld, and in my admittedly self-serving opinion, it really shows in these vignettes.

Plus the more you buy, the more demand there will be for Foreworld Sidequests(tm), and the more my name will be in digital lights. The rising tide lifts all boats, and I plan on sailing for some time to come.

If you can’t wait a whole month to hear more about what I’ve been up to, check back in a few days as I continue unleashing the terrible power of my PR machine(tm). Plus, you can also read these here guest blogs by yours truly.

But seriously, buy my book. While you’re at it, get one for a friend, and have them do the same. Dogs love ebooks too, as do goldfish. Cats are indifferent to most fiction, but they’re at least polite when you tell them about the gift.

What are you still doing here? Go shopping!

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