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The Importance of Reading SideQuests

In just over a week, my first professional sale in over a decade will be in the hands of readers. But that’s not why I’m posting today, and you may have noticed that the book covers above have somebody else’s name under the titles. That’s because I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few weeks talking about my own work, and the process of bringing it to the public.

This week, I want to write about other writers. Specifically, my fellow SideQuest authors, and why you should be buying their books. All this week, I’ll be spotlighting a new SideQuest every day, and talking about why I think it’s cool.

To start this series, I present to you a Trifecta of Awesome. Three great stories that are meant not only to be read together, but as individual introductions to the books of the Mongoliad.

WHO IS IT: In addition to being a man who enjoys a quality single malted beverage, Mark Teppo is an excellent storyteller with quite a few credits to his name. If you like tight, gripping stories, you should read his stuff.

WHAT IS IT: Although these three novellas were released over the course of many months, together they tell the stories of Raphael and Andreas, two members of the Ordo Militum Vindicis Intactae, also known as the Shield-Brethren. Not only is their tale a compelling look at the origins of the Mongoliad, it’s an excellent introduction to the Foreworld Saga and its characters.

WHY SHOULD I READ IT: As mentioned above, these SideQuests are an excellent jumping on point not only to the Mongoliad, but the Foreworld in general. If you like well-researched books about believable characters in the middle ages, it’s a book for you. If you like stories about unlikely heroes, it’s a book for you.

And most importantly, you should read it because I want you to.

WHERE CAN I GET IT: Sinner, Dreamer, and Seer are available individually as e-books from 47North and, as prefaces to the Hardcover and Deluxe e-book editions of the Mongoliad, and as audiobooks from

WHEN WILL IT BE OUT: That’s the best part. You can pick up all three of these great stories right now, by following the links above.

IS THAT EVERYTHING: I’m glad you asked that. I believe strongly in the Foreworld Saga, and in particular the SideQuests. If you’ve purchased, read, or listened to Sinner, Dreamer, or Seer, I want to hear about it. Please comment on this post with a link to an online review of one of these stories. I want you well and thoroughly hooked on this universe by the time my own story, Hearts of Iron, releases May 14, 2013.

Let the reading commence!


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