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Now Available!
Now Available!
I’d like to run a bit of a contest / promotion for you all. A couple weeks back I did a brief author reading of Hearts of Iron on YouTube. Usage stats on a couple of the spots where it’s hosted tell me a bunch of you watched it, for which I am very grateful. But as of today, not a lot of folks have watched it on the main site, and I’d like to change that.

(for reference, the link is

The video as it stands is about 80% of the first chapter, the portion available online as a free sample. I’d like to read more to you, and include additional annotations for your meta-reading pleasure. In the current video, these appear as thought bubbles above my head.

I realize that I am no longer a professional speaker, but I do enjoy talking about this book, and would love to do more of these micro-broadcasts. It may seem like a lot of work for a niche universe novella, but I have some time, and would love to post up a few chapters a month like this.

So my proposal is as follows: If we can move the views/likes total up a significant amount to 200, I’ll read the rest of Chapter One , and then Chapter Two. If we hit 500 (or a significant fraction that spurs me to another bleary-eyed production), I’ll work on another full chapter (one or two videos, depending on length) for release in July, and then we’ll start a similar push on the follow-ups.

For those keeping score, there are 12 chapters in total. I highly recommend reading them in order, and in advance of the broadcast date. You wouldn’t want to be (SPOILERS) late to the party (SERIOUSLY SPOLERS!).

So what say you? Are we ready to return the Foreworld to its roots with a bit of crossmedia promotion. I’m game if you are. And I won’t even barrage you (in this message) with a bunch of links to purchase the book itself. This is about me reading you a story, in hopes that you’ll enjoy it and share it with others.

Who will, of course, then buy my book and others like it in the Foreworld Saga. I also invite you all to discuss Hearts of Iron, and other SideQuests set in the same universe, over at Who knows, if we’re successful enough with this, perhaps my fellow writers might want to get in on the storytelling as well!

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