Blood and Ashes End-of-the-World tour

If you were looking for an excuse to come to RadCon next year, why not consider attending what might be the finest author reading ever given?

Here’s a helpful tip: It’s going to be a 21 and over affair.


And before you ask, yes, I have been staring at my book covers as a desktop background for the last few weeks. If you want to do the same, you can down load this here wallpaper for yourself right now!

Or, if you’re lucky, perhaps you could find me sometime between now and the end of February and ask me for one of these cards. Not only are they stylish, but you can impress all your friends with how hip and e-book savvy you are for participating in what’s certainly going to be the Gladiatorial Zombified Volcanic event of the season!

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Why am I bombarding you with imagery for a book that doesn’t release for two months? Because I’ve seen first-hand how well shameless self-promotion can work. And while I’m equally keen on sharing information about Homefront, I don’t want people to forget about this awesome project. My fully annoying “why does he keep talking when I already ordered one” push will take place in the last few weeks before release, but that’s no reason not to fire up my (cough-handful of-cough) fans now and get some buzz building about Blood and Ashes.

Besides, you’ve still got some holiday shopping money left, right? Why not get a little something for yourself? Your electronic future will thank you for it, and so will I. In fact, I’ll thank you right now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for buying my book(s). It means a lot to me that people I know are able to share in the worlds I create, and even more so when you are willing to part with your denari to do so.

So some more about RadCon. I’ve never enjoyed a convention more than I have this sleeper gem in the Tri-cities, WA. Now entering it’s 23rd year (yes, we started this one in 1992), Radcon 6B sports a diverse assortment of programming and a full roster of people even more famous than I am!

Every year at RadCon, my friends and I get together and share stories about what we’ve done in the last year, and more importantly, about what we’ve drank. For the last many conventions, we’ve done so in a room filled with bottles of Scotch (Whisky!). We do this not be exclusionary, but to figure out just what we’ve been missing as we settle for old favorites and bottle shelf mixers. RadCon is a time for us to share the best of everything, and this coming year not only am I going to try a brand new bottle, but I’ll be celebrating a book release.

Won’t you come join us? And remember, Kids love zombies too. RadCon has a lot of fun and educational activities for them to enjoy while you waste time drinkin—I mean, networking with me.

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