Crossing the Rubicon

Greetings from the past.

From time to time, I schedule posts in advance to take advantage of when people actually use the various social media sites this blog feeds into. Instead of waiting for that perfect moment with my finger on a digital button, I instead am out doing something cool, or in doing something cooler.

Today, I’ll be writing.

And when I say writing, I mean WRITING. It’s New Year’s Eve, and there is officially No More Time.

No more time for planning. No more time to catch up on things I may have let slide. No more time for regrets, promises, plans, or problems.

9 hours from now this post will go live. I have no idea what time it will be when you see it, but odds are high it will be just before you yourself go out for your evening’s festivities. So I’m here before the sun comes up to tell both future you, and future me, that today was the day when things started getting better.

For the protagonists of Homefront, that is. I realized it when I wrapped a messy chapter yesterday. There’s just not much more I can pile on their fictional shoulders without the book devolving into a horror novel.

And since I’ve already secured my place with those worthies, Homefront has to be about something else. Something better, especially in a story about what it really means to be human.

From our highly effective marketing copy:

We sent our children to the stars, but what came back may no longer be human.

Today’s the day I bridged the gap between the meatgrinder of the first half, and the frying pan of the second. Today’s the day I wrote two chapters (TWO!) that sum up everything that’s happened, and everything that will.

I wrote a chapter today (or should have, it is the past after all), I never planned to write. But the narrative needed, nay, demanded it as a result of some character building I spent most of last week setting up. I had two characters “speak” for the first time, laying out their goals for you, gentle readers. In another chapter, a character who can’t speak reminded us of our central premise, and showed our protagonist why she is important.

Yeah, you read that right. She’s a she, and I feel pretty good about it.

So it’s time to feed the gatos, and they don’t care so much about what I do to get them the kibble. But here at the House of Bhagwan, we’re all about sharing.

At least, we were. Enjoy the last hours of 2013 as best you can. I certainly will be. And join us in 2014, where things will definintley get worse.

For the characters. Count on it. Because not to put too fine a point on it, not everyone’s going to make it to the end.

P.S. It boggles(d) my mind that in nearly 10 years of running this site, I’ve never used this title for a post before.


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