Release the Hounds!

photoIn just over an hour, Blood and Ashes will escape into the wild.

It’s been almost a year since I first envisioned some of its particulars, shortly after finishing Hearts of Iron.

10 months since I roughed out a treatment.

6 months since I got the go signal.

5 months since I turned over a first draft.

4 months since Mark Teppo, Fleetwood Robbins, and I rolled up our sleeves and really started crafting the story you’ll read when your copy arrives.

3 months since I signed off on copy-edits and started looking at cover designs, and the order page went live on Amazon.

2 months since I saw final proofs, and the cover went live.

1 month since we celebrated the release of the final volume of the Mongoliad cycle (Siege Perilous) with cake and beverages.

1 week since I read a chapter in public, and watched the promo cards I spread around a convention vanish into pockets.

B-A cards

And 0 minutes left to worry. The Last Day of Pompeii is about to begin.


With Zombies.

This book would never have existed without the support of my friends and family. Without the other writers of the Mongoliad and the Foreworld Saga, with whose names I am proud and honored to be associated. Without you, the reader, whose response to Hearts of Iron was as much a factor in me being tapped for another go ’round the Foreworld as much as my ability to write fast and take editorial direction well.

I thank you all for your belief in me, and this book. Whether you know it or not, you’ve inspired me to end the ancient world in a shower of blood, falling rocks, and a pyroclastic flow.


Let the Games Begin!

Now Available!
Now Available!

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