Now It Can Be Told…Again

So I’ve been a bit silent as to what I was doing with my days over the last few months, mainly because what I was working on belonged to someone else. Yesterday at GDC, the curtain was pulled back on my other big project this winter, En Masse Entertainment’s new game:



It was a fantastic couple of months being back with my old company, and to be honest it felt like I’d never left. I even got my old chair, which is pretty amazing considering how long I’d been gone.

It feels wrong to say I was “just a writer,” as the EME writing team does so much more. But in addition to writing a few thousand missions, I spent a lot of time shooting things in the face to figure out how each weapon in the game worked. A completely necessary step when writing the text accompanying each one, as well as the more “mundane” aspects of game design.

As a hired gun on this one, I’m not privy to a lot of the marketing details. But that’s what the internet’s for, right? what I can tell you is that I miss playing the game already, which is something coming from a guy who despises guns. What I can tell you is that playing ZMR brought back some of the pulse-pounding fun I used to get from high-level raiding, and that’s not bad!

But don’t take my word for it. How about you listen to producer Matt Denomme instead?

Of course, I expect all of you to join me in saving the world. With automatic weapons. And stuff. Because when you game alone, you game with…


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