The Madness Continues

Hot on the heels of my successful week of not making money on free book giveaways, it’s time to do it again.

So this week, the second part of Seasons of Truth, Spring can be yours for the bargain price of zero dollars.




“How can he afford to do this?” you might ask. “How will he ever make any money giving things away for FREE?”

I won’t, but that’s not the point. The point is that I wrote an awesome book, people should know about it, and later this month it will be coming out in print. So serving up a free ebook a week is my way of thanking all the people who read my books and support me as an author. It’s my hope that as the year progresses, and more things with my name on them are in various stores, you’ll remember this happy time when I cared more about you than myself.

And in case you were wondering what Spring is all about, it goes a little something like this.


In a world ruled by faith and fear, one man discovers a terrible truth: We are not alone…

Father Carlos de Roja set out on his journey seeking answers, but arrived at the abbey of The Blessed Stone near death, with no idea how or why he’d come to be there.

In the days that follow he struggles to remember, while at night he battles strange visions which threaten the very nature of his faith.

Are his dreams real? And will the power growing inside him heal the world, or destroy it? Only time will tell, and for Carlos, time is running out…

If you’re new to my madness, or missed out on last week’s giveaway of Winter, you can still pick up a copy of your very own for its normal price of 99 cents.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy My Books!

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