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The copy in the upper right-hand corner is copy number one. The ones below are two through fifteen. There are many more below them and I’m going to tell you why.

It’s because I have a Cunning Plan (TM)

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve committed myself to setting my money on fire, and about how for now I’d rather you not buy Seasons of Truth on It’s not because I don’t want people to read the book–far from it. It’s because I want as many people to read the book as possible, which means I’m going to need for my reach to be a little bit larger than my immediate circle, larger even than the marketplace Amazon offers.

And you’re going to help me.

If you want to pay the 15.95 retail price of Seasons of Truth, please do so at your local bookstore. They likely don’t have it on the shelves, but you can ask for it by name. You can even ask for it by number, as it absolutely has one.

It looks a lot like this.

pick me!

But if you really want to help, give me your fifteen dollars instead and I’ll send you three copies.

these three proofs

Yes, you read that right. Three brand new, pristine copies of an actual, physical book for fifteen (15) dollars, delivered right to your front door. One is for you to read (and hopefully review). One is to give to a friend of yours who likes books. And one is for that local bookstore that doesn’t have my book yet.

Because they like books too.

And because I know you’re asking yourself, it costs me more to produce and ship three books than the 15bux you’re sending me. But I believe in Seasons of Truth, and I believe in the books that will come after it in The Hunters Chronicle. And I’m prepared to spend easily the same amount of money I’ve already sunk into producing this title to promote it, so that the ones that come after can lose just as much money in front of three times as many people.

I’m silly like that.

If e-books are your thing, a digital version of the collected novel will go up for purchase everywhere I can place it starting next week. But my madness isn’t limited to the physical realm. Instead of the modest $4.99 retail price for a copy in the format of your choice, I’ll triple that offer too.

Or is it sextuple? Math is clearly an issue for me.

ed- 02/18/2016 Greetings from the future! Now that Seasons of Truth has gone into its second printing, I am no longer offering the promotional deal above. I am, however, still selling signed copies through my web store, as well as other books from my publishing empire. So if you’re looking for a good read, stop on by and I’ll hook you up.

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