One Week

2009In seven days, the next installment of Seasons of Truth will be out in the world. I’m told it’s the best yet, but editors always say that sort of thing.

But what does that really mean? I’ve been releasing this book all summer to moderate responses and trickling reviews. I know it’s good, my friends tell me to my face that it’s good, and yet the response is not exactly what I’d hoped for. I knew going in that this book would probably make it’s money back over time, but not to expect a runaway hit. I wanted to experiment with the serial format, wanted to keep it in the same price range and formats of my other e-books, wanted to see the same kind of numbers.

I wanted people to read it.

I still want all those things, but with a week to go before the release, I want a little more. I want to know what you, the reader, are looking for in a book like this. No holding back, give me the full truth. It’s more a need than a want, because in addition to Fall I’m prepping several other projects for the rest of the year, and could use some truth talking. Leave me a comment below, or better yet, leave me a review online.

Now that the obligatory begging is finished, let’s dig into Summer, shall we? This week we’ll be exploring the first few chapters
together, starting with my prologue.

Shall we begin?



The past months have shown me things that I cannot describe. Though I have not written in some time, know that our friendship has been much on my mind of late, especially after my arrival here in Paris.

Please inform the Abbot that the messages you sent earlier in the year were in fact here, having arrived during my extended stay at Wellstone Village. They were opened somewhere between Sant Cugat and Paris, and our private script was taken for nonsense and the letters were discarded. It was pure providence that I discovered them while cleaning old parchments, and I have instructed that any similar correspondence be brought to me immediately upon delivery.

Your account of Alejandro’s recovery gives me great joy, and your kind wishes, and those of Robere, are greatly appreciated.
Paris is certainly not Sant Cugat, or even Barcelona, and I have not found many here who share our interests. It is an older, harder city, and the people here do not easily trust. There is a dark undercurrent to all their dealings, one centered on the advancement of self above all others.

Please convey to all my great love for our community, and know that in spite of the difficulties I face, I am adhering to the precepts of our brotherhood.

I have written to you before in regards to the Yee Hero, who lived in faraway Shaanxi province. Today I read a passage regarding a journey not unlike that of our beloved Benedict, during which the Hero faced a test of faith. Accompanying this dispatch, please find a record of the hunt for the Witch King, along with my poor attempt to reproduce the illustration that accompanies it.

In answer to your other query, I have regretfully found no more news regarding “dark” Karl Outrikos and the nature of the anomalous records we have studied for so long. Whatever secrets he had have been buried with him, and I might search forever and find no more than we already suspect: that he was a criminal of some kind who was shunned by the church, and the details of his life have been lost to time.

There are many such anomalies here in the university. And although so much is yet to be seen, I cannot tarry here any longer.

It’s time to move on…


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